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Hiab XS 044
  • Description

    Hiab has always been associated with high quality and continuous improvements. Especially designed for long outreach, the Hiab XS 044 goes far beyond your expectations. If you choose to fit your crane with D-link and the maximum of four boom extensions you are provided 330 kg loading capacity at an outreach over nine metres – with performance and smoothness as distinguishing features.

    The Hiab XS 044 is a light, compact crane ensuring high reliability and flexibility for everyday use.

  • Details

    This table displays the basic data from which you can learn more about technical characteristics for a selection of crane models.

    Technical info
    B-1 CLX
    D-4 CLX
    D-4 Duo
    D-3 HiDuo
    Max lifting capacity37 kNm36 kNm36 kNm37 kNm
    Outreach - hydraulic extensions4.9 m9.4 m9.4 m7.9 m
    Outreach - manual extensions8.0 m9.4 m
    Outreach / lifting capacity3.4 m / 990 kg3.5 m / 980 kg3.5 m / 980 kg3.5 m / 1040 kg
     4.7 m / 780 kg9.1 m / 330 kg9.1 m / 330 kg7.7 m / 440 kg
    Slewing angle380°380°380°380°
    Height in folded position1610 mm1610 mm1610 mm1610 mm
    Width in folded position1900 mm1890 mm1890 mm1890 mm
    Installation space needed535 mm600 mm600 mm580 mm
    Weight - "standard" crane without stabilizers450 kg575 kg575 kg540 kg
    Weight - stabilizer equipment56 kg56 kg56 kg56 kg
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