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Hiab XS 144
  • Description

    One quick look at the Hiab XS 144 and you know it’s the crane that can take your business to a new level. The Hiab XS 144 serves you with exceptional flexibility and power, as well as the ability to operate with inch-perfect precision at long outreaches. Computer-aided design used in development of the crane geometry, gives a lightweight construction, despite the reach and the brute power it possesses.

    The crane can be delivered with the CLX (non EU markets), CL, Duo, HiDuo, Pro or HiPro control system.

  • Details

    This table displays the basic data from which you can learn more about technical characteristics for a selection of crane models.

    Technical info
    B-3 Duo
    E-5 HiDuo
    E-4 HiPro
    E-5 HiPro
    Max lifting capacity131 kNm128 kNm138 kNm132 kNm
    Outreach - hydraulic extensions10.6 m15.1 m12.8 m15.1 m
    Outreach - manual extensions12.8 m17.4 m17.4 m17.4 m
    Outreach - jib19.3 m
    Outreach / lifting capacity3.1 m / 4300 kg2.6 m / 5000 kg2.5 m / 5300 kg2.6 m / 5000 kg
     10.3 m / 1200 kg15.0 m / 680 kg12.7 m / 940 kg15.0 m / 720 kg
    Outreach / lifting capacity, with jib15.7 m / 290 kg
     19.3 m / 220 kg
    Slewing angle415°415°415°415°
    Height in folded position2233 mm2301 mm2256 mm2301 mm
    Width in folded position2500 mm2500 mm2500 mm2500 mm
    Installation space needed860 mm854 mm770 mm855 mm
    Weight - "standard" crane without stabilizers1660 kg2130 kg2106 kg2190 kg
    Weight - stabilizer equipment195 - 371 kg195 - 371 kg195 - 371 kg195 - 371 kg
    Weight - jib380 kg
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