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Hiab XS 288
  • Description

    The Hiab XS 288 is a response to the growing demand for truck cranes in the 25- to 30-tonne-metre class. This cranes gives the best possible performance in terms of reach and lifting capacity and its solid boom construction makes it very suitable for JIB-solutions.

    With the Hiab XS 288 it is possible to choose different boom configurations, as well as the capacity level and control system technologies that are ideally suited to any business and materials handling needs.

  • Details

    This table displays the basic data from which you can learn more about technical characteristics for a selection of crane models.

    Technical info
    EP-5 HiDuo
    EP-4 HiPro
    E-6 HiPro
    E-8 HiPro
    Max lifting capacity246 kNm259 kNm245 kNm236 kNm
    Outreach - hydraulic extensions15.1 m12.7 m16.2 m21.0 m
    Outreach - manual extensions17.3 m17.3 m20.6 m22.6 m
    Outreach - jib26.2 m
    Outreach / lifting capacity2.6 m / 9400 kg2.6 m / 9800 kg2.6 m / 9400 kg2.5 m / 9200 kg
     15.0 m / 1460 kg12.6 m / 1940 kg16.1 m / 1220 kg20.9 m / 700 kg
    Outreach / lifting capacity, with jib19.2 m / 330 kg
     26.1 m / 180 kg
    Slewing angle420°420°420°420°
    Height in folded position2335 mm2335 mm2335 mm2335 mm
    Width in folded position2500 mm2500 mm2500 mm2500 mm
    Installation space needed1166 mm1166 mm1144 mm1181 mm
    Weight - "standard" crane without stabilizers3150 kg3070 kg3480 kg3750 kg
    Weight - stabilizer equipment402 - 487 kg402 - 487 kg402 - 487 kg402 - 487 kg
    Weight - jib665 kg
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