Spare parts & accessories

Replacement of your equipment’s spares with quality and certified parts, assures longevity of your equipment by providing you with best functionality, performance and safety.
We have high quality parts in stock and for those which need to be ordered, we provide them with shortest lead times with our wide network of spare parts providers to reduce the downtime of your equipment and productivity.

Our range of spares & accessories available are, but not limited to, as listed below:


Level Gauge

Tank & Coolers

Safety Seals


Slewing Section Spares

Pumps & PTO

Drive Shafts

Control Valves


Slide Pads

Hoses & Hose Pipes

Guide Chains

Remote Controls & Space Systems


Weighing System

Chain & Ropes, Hoist / Winch

ZEPRO Spares

Load Hooks

Brick Block Clamps

Compression Rails