A skilled operator will use the product’s feature in the optimal way and work more efficiently. We at HIAB Middle East offer best customized training for you & your operators. Hiab’s fully accredited service personnel not only know everything there is to know about your product, they also understand how important it is that swift service or repair time is essential to keeping downtime to a minimum.

Regularly trained to deliver world-class service to customers, their skills and expertise are at your disposal across the largest service network in the industry.

Training Courses & Certification:

  • Operator & Maintenance Training
  • Basic Hydraulic Training on all products
  • Basic Electronic & Electrical Training on all products
  • Basic Forklift Operations & Technical Training
  • Advanced Program Training Module
    • Hydraulic Training on all Products
    • Electronic & Electrical Training on all Products
  • Value For Customers Training
  • Load Testing & Certification
  • Calibration & Condition Reports
  • Special Detailed Training on All Products